03 September, 2010

Zinhle: a young fashionista

by Anorth Mabunda
Fashionista: Zinhle Mncube at Rhodes University in Grahanstown. Pic by Anorth Mabunda

A pink flower ring in the middle finger and a gold alice band that complements her fancy ear-rings characterises Zinhle Mncube’s love for fashion.

The middle-sized dark haired and slim 19 year old always smiles but doesn’t like interacting that much.

Zinhle grew up in Protea North, Soweto. Although Zinhle wanted to be a lawyer during her fledgling days, she is now a second year journalism student in the University of Johannesburg.

As the youngest amongst two sisters and one brother, “I felt very sheltered and spoiled,” she said. She describes her childhood as very exciting, “I had no hard experiences, no school bullying. I went to a good Catholic private school and was always on top of my class,” she added with a beam.

Zinhle still recommends her childhood friends because they bring her good memories. As a young las she always preferred her own company and didn’t usually go outside and expose her crucial life to the ugly streets of Soweto.

The fact that she is the youngest in her family and was spoilt didn’t have a negative impact on her life. “I have learnt to be always independent, responsible and stand my own ground. My parents always let me roam and be whatever I want to be.”

If there’s anything she would like to change about her childhood, Zinhle wouldn’t like to alter anything, “I think that it (her childhood) allowed me to be what I wanted to become and make my own choices independently. I think I had a relatively good experience,” she says in a generous smile.


Sungeni 10 said...

Awesome writing:) I like how you portrayed her as a smiley person

Buhle '08 said...

I love her blog!!! Impressive stuff!