03 September, 2010

Sphesihle Mthembu Just go with the flow

BFF: Sihle with the writer at Roxbury Cinema, in Grahamstown
Pic by Wilhelmina Maboja

By Jenny Mathebula

“I am quite adaptable” that is how Sphesihle Mthembu describes himself. As he grew up he had to be since he had to change schools a number of times.
Sihle is confident, loves people and it’s obvious that he likes attention. He likes to make an entrance.

His physical appearance is that of a rugby forward; he is medium height and has a thick build. It makes sense since he used to play a number of sports in school including rugby.
This contrasts with his chosen profession. Sihle wants to be an arts reporter and is really in love with anything that has to do with the arts, especially his favourite website, Mahala . It’s not the type of thing you would expect from a rugby playing Zulu boy from Pietermaritzburg. He also writes poetry just to add on to the mix.
He appears to have a lot of respect for woman as he was raised by his maternal grandmother.
Sihle is very close to his gran and credits her for his strong character. His gran was a very open person and always talked to him openly about everything and he can still talk to her about anything to this day.

“She made me an open person” is how Sihle describes his gran’s influence in his character. Oprah Winfrey is one his influences.

Take back your life is his motto in life. His mom moved to Johannesburg for work when he was very young but she still remained in his life.

He holds no resentment towards her and this is apparent in the way he talks about her. “She has done a lot for me and I always let her know that I appreciate it”.


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Wilhelmina10 said...

Best friends for EVER.Just warms my heart... :-)

Phumlani 10 said...

Zulu boy and Rugby nice hey

Sungeni 10 said...

Respect for women my foot! Kidding, we all love you Sihle and Jenny. Nice description of our dramatic zulu boy

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i love the pic.