03 September, 2010

Sungeni: from Malawi to G-Town

Sungeni Chithambo at FJP conference
Pic by Sihle Mthembu


Phumlani Nkwanyana

Sungeni Chithambo was born in Malawi, in the place called Zomba. She is the first born and sister to two siblings. Sungeni was born in 1991. While she was young Sungeni had a strong desire to be one of the best vets, as she had love for animals. “I like little animals especially rabbits”, she said. Sungeni is uniquely identified with her nice, brownish spectacles.
She went to Schiennes Primary School, in Scotland where she was the only black girl. “I really liked myself as I was ideally unique from every one,” explained Sungeni.
The exquisite lady loves wearing skinny jeans and shirts which look very stunning on her. “Skinny jeans make me feel more comfortable and on top of the world,” said Sungeni. She likes freaky hair styles which keep her head wild every time.
Early this year, lovely Sungeni was fortunately selected to be part of golden key society, due to her superb academic performance. In the past she won an award as the best creative writer, which gave her inspiration to be the prolific writer.
As she grew up the love for animals altered completely and wanted to be the writer. Currently the striking slim girl is doing her second year in Journalism at Rhodes University. She spends most of her spare time writing, watching movies and surfing the internet. One day she wants to be one of the prolific writers. “I have that eagerness to be in high point of media industry, I just want to be in the top of the range” Sungeni said with a smile.


Asanda10 said...

Sushi is really a wonderful person. I love this girl. Great profile.

Malusi 10 said...

...she's got an amaizing personality

Wilhelmina10 said...
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Sungeni 10 said...

Lol, Mina I'm meek?

Sungeni 10 said...

Thanks Asanda and Malusi..*blush blush*

Wilhelmina10 said...
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Wilhelmina10 said...

“Skinny jeans makes me feel more comfortable and on top of the world.”
This is the quote of the day! Sorry I though you were Sihle, Phumlani, you're waaaaay better.Hehe.You did this profile fantastically and only you could have done it this well because you're great friends with Sushi Sush Sush.