10 May, 2012

Are we really a racism free society?

In light of the recent racial remarks (Jessica Leandra, Tsidi Thamana and Ken Sinclair) made I think we as a society really need to realise that racism is not dead, we are just sitting on a potentaily hazardous situation which is slowly begining to brew.  Just because the country became a democratic country through over 60% of the country voting a black government into power and those in power having shaken hands and agreed with the previous government  that racism would be a thing of the past doesnt mean that the scars of racism and aparthied have healed . We need to adress the very core of the issue and figure out why 18 years into democracy people still have the very mind sets of these three aforementioned individuals. 
What Jessica, Tshidi and Ken have said is nothing short of what a huge number of South Africans are thinking on a daily basis.  I would like to commend them for having spoken out - however hurtful their remarks are and have been to a greater number.  We as a society need to quit this attitude that things arent what they are or that we are not aware of the factors surrounding our society and instead fight against them by understanding what it is that makes us think and feel the way we do about each other. 
Who knows, perhaps half of you reading this are thinking "finally someone understands how i feel and they have the guts to say it" perhaps you are thinking I am just an over opinionated young woman and I dont know what I am talking about, whatever the case may be, I strongly believe that we are a far cry from a racist free society.  The sooner we realise and accept that, the better.  Then maybe, just maybe we can attempt moving towards healing the nation.  As a young black Cape Townian, I understand what it feels like to be sidelined because of your skin tone; well, that’s a subject for another day so for now, I think I will just end off by saying: it is of no use to pretend that all is well and good and that we are a loving and unified society – we are not, we are far from it.
Peace and Love

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