03 May, 2012

World press freedom day

An appeal to the masses,  media practioners, politicians, economist, stake holders and all fellow journalists we have a mandate to advocate for press freedom. Enough is enough with the stringiest laws that muzzle the press. Out with the repressive media laws that protect the politicians, the government in their malpractices and human rights  abuse.                                                                                                   Fellow journos, the struggle continues lets advocate for free media, lets free the whistle blowers, lets free the fourth estate. I learnt with great amusement when my fellow collegue Crispo Ncube  stated that " a country that enjoys freedom of press is the country that enjoys the fruits of democracy" True are his words we cant talk of democray when the media is silenced. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice ,freedom of movement freedom of press should define democray in a democratic state.
The power of press should  not be limited, journalists should be goverved by objective mind, ethics code of conduct, the willngness to investigate facts, accontability, trustworthy and truthfulness. Fellow journos lets not neither rest nor relax and pretend everything is well. We have to speak up our mind, voice our concerns, live, eat, breath and sleep press freedom until it is completely  achieved . The masses we need you ,alone we cant conquer, your support is vital. Lets be passionate, stand up and fight for press freedom it serves our interests and its the watchdog .The press freedom is important it transforms our societies and information is power.

Our communities, societies are governed by individuals obsessed with corrupt minds, who are nepotistic and mis manage resources for self enrichment. These practices are draw backs for economic development. Such issues needs to be exposed . It is possible if everyone is involved , united with a purpose ,showing support to all those measures , movements that advocates for press freedom.

 Journalist are used as a tool of conveying and serving the interest of  the public. All oppressive measures should  be fought  against to ensure that press freedom is achieved. We can not talk of press freedom when journalist are harrassed and inprisoned worldwide for no apparent reason.

Media needs voices ,it is part of those plattforms that are key to the development of democratic societies. Unless press freedom is achieved the battle shall not stop.

Together we can make it, we need voices.

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