02 May, 2012

We can make learning institutions a better place, Students stop this behaviour.

 It is no  longer a saga that we have to be successful and  put arrest the use of drugs and alcohol in tertiary institutions as it has reached an infrigement point.

We need to fearlessly  face it with unparalled stance, with one  mind and one voice. The horendous and peaching effects of drug and alcohol abuse need to be adhered to. Students engage themselves in drugs and alcohol abuse almost daily. It is the responsibility of all the management and students themselves to embrace and deal up with the fight of against drug and alcohol abuse. Whatever the challenges this must stop. This calls for serious examination and identifying the right lifestyle. Students need to be warned of the dangers, inherent in drug and alcohol abuse and the impact it has to their education.

It is becoming a trend at tertiary institutions to find students in drinking sprees instead of attending classes. Drugs and alcohol has a serious adictive insistence. The fight against drug and alcohol abuse is difficult with people around the globe subjective to it. In making an attempt to conderm this behaviour leads those to be on  the wrong side of the coin.

Parents sacrifice everything by sending their children  to school with the hope that their daughters and sons are getting education, not knowing that they are actually having a good time with freinds at bars and night clubs. Drug and alcohol abuse leads to ground for sex to many. Girls when drunk are at risk of being gang raped or sleep with some one unprocted and this can end up with them contacting HIV/Aids and other sexual transmitted deseases (STI's).

Most important to me as a student is an indication of the negative impact of drug and alcohol abuse has on those who induldge on  it without considering the consequences they face. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol people are likely to suspend their behaviour temporary and easily manipulable to give in into sexual demands especially when the environment permits it. Some people had been heard saying they prefer taking few bottles of beer before sex for optimal enjoyment.

It is pointless to say that drug and alcohol abuse can threaten and derail the progress of a prospective student in education as it is there for everyone to see. As a student the rate at which drug and alcohol abuse is at UFH, has left me worried and doubtful whether the future is bright for the young minds of this country.

It is an indisputable fact among academics, that drug and alcohol abuse has eroded the future of one of the most promising candidates as alcohol , drugs  and sex became their ultimate goal rather than their primary focus on education and their future. It is painful to see students who are less fortunate and from disadvanteged backgrounds adopting the trend, destroying their careers and wasting an opportunity to utilise and lift their families and societies they live in.

HIV/Aids, drugs and alcohol phenomenon and its effects are endangering the students life. The point of departure is that it deprives the country of the much needed skilled labour and draws back the economic development.

I have noted with great concern that students from disadvanteged backgrounds are the ones on the forefront. I learnt with great astonishment when one student at UFH broadly stated to me:
       " my parents are poor, my grandparents and my forefathers were poor and there is no way
              i can be successful and i have never enjoyed life like i do now that i am at UFH"
                                another student shared similar sentiments
                    " my family is tough on me and there is nothing i can do to break this chain"

My question is does life of drugs, alcohol and sex  what students call life enjoyment?
Students become comfortable with this type of environment and use it it as an excuse to remain in mediocrity. This is absolutely wrong, who are they fooling? nobody but their self. Alcohol and drug abuse is a freedom of choice it can't be inherited, but as a student if you allow your self to sour and allow your mind and faith to be clouded by this chain of drug and alcohol abuse, you are killing yourself, future, family and the country at large.

The family success, societies we live in and the country succeess begins with students being responsible enough and its high time the students break this tendency of alcohol and drug abuse. Believe me education is fair and gives us whether poor or rich an  equal opportunity to rise and shine, but the ball is on the court as we students to take or leave it.

It is up to we as students to make  a choice. A choice of life without drugs and alcohol abuse for the good of our future or a life with drug and alcohol abuse to a miserable future.

Now that you have read this article,gauge yourself, redeem yourself its never late till death, find yourself encouraged and start working harder and and you can do better than anyone else.

Students rise above all odds the country needs you all.

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