14 May, 2012

Resuscitate the principles of Gandhi: Dr. Netshiombo

Sphelele Ngubane
“I wish Mahatma Gandhi would be alive again to proclaim the principle of Satyagraha, that philosophy which says respect the truth,” said Dr. Kenneth Netshiombo, an Executive Dean at the Durban University of Technology.

Welcoming attendants in the lecture hosted by the Journalism Programme, Dr. Netshiombo expressed his disappointment in what he said is not respecting the truth by government and political leaders.  The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design said protests all over the country suggest that South Africa is in deep trouble.  He further pleaded with students to spread the message of truth and non-violence, as Mahatma Gandhi urged.

“If government, the local structures, the municipalities and private sector are going to respect the truth, than half of our problems as the nation would be resolved,” said Dr. Netshiombo.

The keynote lecture titled – Gandhi and the Founders of the African National Congress, was delivered by Advocate Anil Nauriya.  He based his address on the relationship between Gandhi and the ANC.  Adv. Nauriya taught about Gandhi’s role during the struggle against apartheid.  He also spoke severely on the close relationship between Gandhi and the late founding members of ANC, namely: Dr. Prixley kaSeme, John Langalibalele Dube and Dr. Walter Rubusana.

“Gandhi encouraged the ANC to protest non-violently and never hit back to their enemy,” Nauriya said.  He referred to Gandhi as a man of decency, who believed in truth and respect.  Referencing on Dr. Netshiombo’s speech, he said the principle of Gandhi which said: never hit back our enemy but treat them with respect so they may realise their wrongdoings, should be resuscitated.  He said it should be preached amongst children and youth, as they are the emerging leaders of the country.

The lecture themed: Our legacy of non-violence – a reflection on the ANC centenary, had an attendance of the direct descendant of Mahatma Gandhi; Ela Gandhi.  The granddaughter of the philosopher expressed her appreciation to the Journalism Programme.  She said it is an honour that her grandfather’s work is still significant.  Ela Gandhi said it should be remembered that his grandfather ran a number of newspapers in Durban.

“He was a person very closely tied with media,” said Ela Gandhi.  She acknowledged the relationship between Gandhi Development Trust and the Journalism Programme.  She said they have employed a number of graduates from the programme.

“I hope our good relationship won’t end,” Ela Gandhi said.

The lecture ended with thanks from the Journalism Programme Co-ordinator, Adv. Robin Sewlal.  He thanked everybody who made the lecture a success.

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Anonymous said...

While we truly appreciate that there should be respect for the truth, we need to employ measurable mechanisms that would counter disrepect for truth. I am saying this while i am quite aware that this is a difficult task. however, let us continue to preach respect for the truth and non-violence to our nation. That awarenes alone, might in the long run reshape our destiny as a nation in deep trouble.

Freddy Mahori