03 May, 2012

Freedom day celebration at UFH

All students of different political organizations came together to celebrate freedom day, and putted aside their differences. One of the speakers Comrade Nokreshe said “today we are celebrating freedom on the names of those who fought and died for it”.
The apartheid veteran went on to say “what we fought for has not yet been achieved”. Therefore it is the duty of the youth to be educated in order to out root the corrupt leaders. He went on to say in order for democracy to be a success there is a need for anti-corrupt leaders, and further advised the youth to seek education in order for South Africa to have educated future leaders. 
The main speaker Adv. Dali Mpofu further emphasized on the fact that freedom day is the celebration of those who laid their lives on the line for a brighter future; therefore freedom day is the celebration of democracy and the struggle of those who paid with their lives for freedom. He went on to say, the youth needs to find out “what needs to be done”.
He then advised the youth, that if they have an idea of what they want to achieve they can achieve it regardless of what people are saying and made an example about the past-youth which people thought they were loosing their mind for their determination to fight for freedom.

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