20 May, 2012

FJP Assignment(Article)

My Democracy, My Write

By: Kgowa Tiragalo

It has been 18 years since South Africa has gained its independence. Ever since1994,after the first democratic elections,the government has been promising a better life for all the citizens of this country. 

Amongst other well known rights,which were stated by the freedom chatter drawn by the ANC in 1955 was that"The people shall govern" and "All doors of earning shall be opened for all". However there are mixed-emotions about the present government amongst youth.Some people feel that the government has done much to improve the situation in the country in the of the human rights that were suppressed by the apartheid government.

Some of the people are still not convinced that the government is truly performing its duty as it promised. Tiyani Chauke a 1st level Bachelor of Arts female student in the University of Limpopo feels that the government has failed its people."Jacob Zuma visits Limpopo when he needs our votes and promises us that our social needs will be taken care of.Even the government hotline which was supposed to be helping us in conveying our concerns to the president is not helping us at all" said Tiyani Chauke.

Meanwhile,Ngwako Fortune a male 3rd level Bachelor of Social work student think that the government has done much as it promised that all doors of learning shall be opened for all as he appreciate the National Student Financial Aid Scheme(NSFAS) but he also think that the government must take the information to the people in rural areas as they do not have access to information."It took me three years after completing my matric to know that there  are bursaries for previously disadvantaged students to further their studies,so I think,we rural based youth do not have access to information" said Ngwako Fortune.

Mangoro Naomi Thizwilondi, BSc in Community Water and Sanitation Services 2nd level student said that the platform is there but most of people choose to remain silent as to avoid conflicts and being discriminated."People are no longer complaining because their grieviences are ignored by the officials"she said.

A 2nd level Media Studies male student Tshotheli Tuwani said the platforms are but people do not utilise them."There are programmes that give ordinary people a platforms to raise their opinions on issues that affect them.On Phalaphala FM,there is a show called Tshiko tsha mafhungo where listeners get a chance to raise their concerns"he said.

The issue of human rights is very controversial as there are differences amongst people regarding this issue.Some of the people think that the government has done enough to meet the needs of the people  whereas some feel that it has not done anything as it failed to meet the components of the freedom chatter.

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