18 June, 2012

As Euro 2012 get underway, female soccer fans dress in nothing but body paint.

By  Tendai  Sibanda
 Euro 2012 female soccer fans, in Kharkiv,Ukraine on June 13,2012

To have a high-quality feeling at a soccer match it calls for a good on field performance by players and a fine off field showing by the fans.
Whilst a few may see the football brilliance by soccer stars, the turns and twists, breathe taking touches, flexible saves by the goalkeepers, the brilliance of Spain short passing game, precise and accuracy of Germans, the ever improving French team, the crazy celebrations, great goals and the excitement as the perfect recipe for Euro 2012, there are some fine moments surpassing it.
Those who are  football fans will agree, the damage the beautifull game puts on fans mental wellbeing is vast. Over the years there has been countless occasions’ where  the football lovers have encroached the shocking moments  of madness by certain fans.
Euro 2012 doesnt fall shot of glory and has provided some brilliant as well as weird moments.
Add to that the never ending breaker coaster of emotions, the actions by the fans  and Euro 2012 has a recipe for adversity.
 Football is a crazy sport.
And the fans are the champions of football craziness.
People whose actions are so imbalanced and unpredectable.
You don’t have to be crazy to work as a sport journalist, but it perhaps helps.

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