22 June, 2012

An insider's view of the African wars

 Not opposed to all wars

By Sibanda Tendai

Africa is a diverse continent

“I don’t oppose all wars, clamoured US president Barack Obama.
Likewise our fore fathers have fought wars in the name of the larger freedom and against colonisation.
Historically wars to Ghana’s attainment of independence to the African states getting independence.
When the wars were won Africa’s eyes flowed profusely with tears of joy and exuberance.
This shows Africa knows war, it has fought them and wars have set Africa free.
War is a necessity.
With civil wars rampant in Africa. All the destruction, the dust and the tears, indeed wars are necessary.
Wars should not be fuelled by the desire to avenge but the need to set humanity free.
Africa should not resort to the biblical proverb “an eye for an eye” and advocate for violence against violence as an answer to Africa’s ruthless dictators.
Dictatorship cannot be condoned. Neither do fellow Africans hostility, but what I am opposed to is a rash war.
Western powers raze Africa.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who justify their actions in the name of democracy.
These political hacks are so obsessed with fighting political wars rather than fighting the arms of poverty and un education which brings the continent on its knees.
The NATO war in Libya claimed lives indiscriminately women, children and all. There is no justifiable answer that can be given for the lost innocent blood.
The British American troops in the NATO war are the crux of my disgust; the exact thing I am opposed to a war without any principle but based on politics and later economic gains.
People of Africa are able to rescue themselves. Africa must say no to the Westerners.
Africa is able to make its own laws, unite and fight for one cause that is democracy.
If the ballot box fails, austere measures are the solution. The people of Tunisia have shown Us.
Egypt has depicted courage and oneness against dictatorship.
The hand cannot give a severe punch, unless the fingers are united to form a fierce fist.
Africa must show its aptitude, before the Western countries contemplate solving Africa problems.
Africa’s problems must be solved internally.
 Fellow sons of the continent, let’s help our suffering neighbours before the Westerners pretend to help while their motive is to divide and rule us.
SADAC and AU must strengthen their arms and save Africa.
Peace can be brought to the Sudanese through fighting with AK 47 not filed with bullets of hostility but of harmony in brotherly love.
War to eradicate Africa from its woes of poverty, corruption, greediness and dictatorship should be engaged on.
Africans must advocate for a better ‘ideal’ Africa which needs to materialise and that can be achieved without a bullet fired.
The new Africa should be free of corruption, free of starvation, free and indeed free from Westerns’ inclination to interfere in African affairs.
Africa should be ready to take its AK 47.
Africa needs to be freed from chains of these predicaments.
This war we demand with bullets of love.
 I am not opposed to all wars.
This is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Future Journalist Programme.

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