28 June, 2012

my first Grahamstown national arts festival experience

The spirit of the festival is certainly abuzz.  Streets of Grahamstown are vibrant, busy and alive with art and festivities.  It is amazing how much talent people have out there and some are not even recognised or celebrated.
Perhaps for some people art is not about making money or garnering fame.  It’s about expressing themselves the best way they know how and enjoying themselves all the while.  As we walked up Somerset road; watching people set up their stalls and put up their work, I couldn’t help but feel proud of my fellow South Africans.  I might not have a single grain of talent when it comes to art but I think I have a pretty good eye and what I have seen thus far is amazing.
The National arts festival surely is a great platform for stage actors, creatives, producers of great art (still and moving) as well as art lovers.  I must say, this is an exciting event and well worth being a part of.

Peace and Love

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