29 June, 2012

Simfonia performed by Vianney Henry Farmer

By Thabo Mongoato

This one-man show chronicles a man’s determination to compose music despite suffering from hemiplegia, a total paralysis of one side of the body, and succeeds because of his unwavering nature. Though the character also loses the use of one part of his brain, he still pushes through the emotional pain barrier and manages to compose songs through sheer willpower.
The performance is energetic and emotionally intense. It highlights the
fact that life is not for the faint hearted, but that obstacles can bring out an inner energy we are unaware existed.
“The show was good and the message was positive, it would have been better if it was presented in English,” said theatre goer Sikhumbuzo Manyathi. Despite the moving storyline the show has repetitive moments that become tedious to watch.  The language factor is also another problem, as many do not understand Afrikaans.

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