30 June, 2012

Why Are We Here?

By Z. Zwane

A small audience sits as the film begins, and a frequent chuckle fills the auditorium. And what have we here? The cast of the film of course! They set themselves to watch the first screening of their masterpiece in great excitement. As the cast settles, the film begins with a close-up shot of the starring actress, Ariel (played by Ama Qamata). Ariel is introduced as an average school girl from a single parent household in a mediocre suburb. But Ariel is not as average as it seems: she has a hidden philosophical knowledge that exposes the meaning of life throughout the play. The story is set in a school where all of Ariel’s specialities are exposed.

The film sounds fairly interesting until a swamp of clich├ęs hijacks scene after scene: from the genie in a bottle to the odd girl at school, bullying during lunch-breaks and the weird girl who blossoms into every guy’s fantasy. Director Andrew Simpson was present at the screening and seemed to enjoy every moment of the flick, but an hour into the movie saw me and my colleague walking out the door. The selection of familiar tunes, however, is refreshing and provides a reason to stay. The film is set to premier on 4 July 2012, and it will also be in theatre from 1-3 July 2012. I am optimistic about the theatre version of the film; it might just surprise us with greatness.

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