30 June, 2012

Durban-born lyricist wows City of Saints

Natasha Phiri and Majority Rachoene 

Born and bred in Ntuzuma, Durban Siyabonga Skhakani is a talented young poet. His love for poetry started at an early age when he was still in primary school. He started taking poetry seriously in grade seven and never looked back. Despite being a poet Siya is graphic designer and owns his own graphic design company. He admits to being a quite shy guy but when he’s performing on stage he becomes a different person.
He draws his inspiration from reality show people.    

Skhakani feels that poetry in South Africa is going far but it should not be rated, he doesn’t believe in people judging people’s feeling or what they right about.

This is Siya’s third coming to National Arts Festival and he feels that every time he comes here Grahamstown has something new to offer him. He loves the street performances thinks that he can bring originality through his performances at the Fest.

You can catch Siyabonga Skhakani at the Urban lounge, at the Afro-fusion shows every day throughout the Festival.

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Thabo Mongoato said...

good thing that our own talent shines and that we try as much to promote them. Charity begins at home not next door.