21 June, 2012

The life of a dog

By Sibanda Tendai

Dogs deserve better treatment too

“Voetsek”! Go away! I ran as quickly as I could to hide my shame and disgrace behind the building.

I had not meant to cause any harm. All I wanted was something to eat.
Nobody could understand the turmoil, torture and misery that I went through every day of my life, trying to feed myself.
A month ago I was hit on the head with an empty bottle and sustained head injuries.
 I remember I could smell food from the kitchen from my usually hiding place. Resisting the temptation proved to be the most difficult thing in my entire life.
My last supper meal had been at the harvest celebrations, two weeks before. As I was dreaming about the food, I heard her humming her usual tune passing behind the bush where I was hiding.
In a blink of an eye, I was already in her hut feasting on the pot of meat she was preparing for her family.
I did not hear her coming. Hell had broken loose! “Voetsek” came the usual word again.
I was startled and froze where I was. She looked around for a weapon and picked an “empty bottle turned into a candle stand”.
She got hold of it and I knew I had to utter my last prayer. I thought I could hear the angels singing “I come thee, oh Lord!”
I was not scared of death but I had to die a hero. I had to defend myself from the race that had discriminated me my entire life.
 I growled at her and I could see her confidence shaking but she did not move. I advanced towards her and before she could figure out what was happening, I had knocked her down and escaped.
As I was running I could smell the air full of victory like an Olympic champion.
My victory was short lived as I was hit by something, “was it the bone I had been feasting on!” I wondered.
 No answer came .I woke up in my usual bush wondering where I was.
My head was throbbing and heavy and blood was all over the place. I had been stealing food again and this time I had got caught.
How I reached the bush is still a mystery to me for I do not have a family or friends to tell me what happened. I still have the scar on my forehead. I am really glad that I cheated death by a whisker for I was really prepared for it.
I only wish to witness another harvest of celebration where all of us, humans and dogs will be feasting.
For now I am still living on with the torture, insults and challenges of my miserable life, but such is the life of a dog.


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