30 June, 2012

Siyavuma Makhosi

By Thabo Mongoato

This highly invigorating performance by the Siyavuma Makhosi Cultural Group oozes energy and its traditional performance showcases Xhosa culture and spiritual practises through indigenous and traditional dance.

This is a group of 15 middle-aged woman who showcase Xhosa traditional dance of the highest order.  Cut off cool drink tops are wrapped around the women’s knees to create a unique sound like that of a crash cymbal and they also use a combination with clapping and drum beating.  The purpose of this dance is to show respects to the ancestors and at the same time ask for protection and good luck from the departed. Many of these women are amagqirha, traditional Xhosa healers, so it is natural that they ask for direction from the ancestors where they need assistance and when they heal their patients Umqombothi, traditional tobacco and snuff are the gifts that the women appease the ancestors with.

It is a bracing performance that makes you stare in wonder and contemplate the beauty of heritage.

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