29 June, 2012

Hungry for success

By Tiragalo Evans Kgowa & Thandile Lumkwana 

With the National Arts Festival starting on 28th of June in
Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, many people from various parts of the world packed into the town for the ultimate art indulgence
Everyone came to this event with great expectations; however, some were not fulfilled. Much like other performers, Steve Mokadi, the producer of a drama called Power of Love came to the festival with high expectations.
After receiving a lukewarm reception and only three audience members, Mokadi dismayed. “I am very disappointed because I expected a lot this year, because we performed this drama in 2010 here,” he said. “Again, some of our sponsors and performers pulled out two weeks before the show so I am very disappointed,” he added.
Mokadi said that they are doing all they can to get international recognition, including approaching different companies to fund their production. Mokadi said that they are also doing street performances and giving out pamphlets to advertise their production.
Mokadi has produce various dramas, including Undying spirit, United we stand, Together we can, and his latest is Power of love, which is part of the Festival programme.
The Power of Love producer thinks that the National Arts Festival should
be taken to other provinces, as this will enable all the artists to reach a
wider audience because some people cannot afford to travel to Eastern Cape.
“I am from Mpumalanga and it’s hard for me to pay for the travelling expences,”said Mokadi.

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