25 March, 2013

Durban Spice

FJP 2013
Nickname: Nandikai

Age: 20
Born in: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Studies at: Rhodes University
Studying: Journalism
Likes: Hiking
Dislikes: “I dislike frogs, since this morning”

Eastern Cape: In the quiet town of Grahamstown is a young and aspiring journalist Nandi Mojola. She was born in Johannesburg but moved to Durban and has finally found a place at  Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

At first glance one would say that the beautiful 20-year old is rather shy and quiet but once we started chatting, we came to know the real Nandi Mojola, who has a passion for writing and reading is increasing.

She is a 2nd Year student of Journalism & Media Studies and would like to specialise in Writing and Editing once she graduates. Clearly not in it for the money, she stresses the point that she would like to give back to the community through journalism.

What surprises her is that politics, which Nandi didn’t really care for in the beginning, has now become one of her favourite subjects. She enjoys learning about the origins of the subject and finds the topic of power relations really interesting. She also enjoys learning about the history of art, and hopes to do her post- grad in media management after completing her 4-year degree. She is honest in saying that coming from a big city like Durban and having moved to a small town like Grahamstown was quite a bit of an adjustment, but she has found herself enjoying her experience at Rhodes.

So what does she think about the town?  Nandi pauses for a minute and easily responds: “it doesn’t have much, but it has everything it needs”.

She enjoys having her independence and having a strong support system, like her family who encourage her to do what she loves.

To be sure, her home town remains her favourite especially the diversity and the Durban slang.
·         Text and Pic by Alice Paulse.

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