26 March, 2013

Humble Beginnings

Name: Kagiso “Isa” Makwana
Age: 20
Born in: Groblersdal, Limpopo
Studies at: University of Limpopo
Studying: BA (Media management and Communications)
Likes: “I like soccer because it’s refreshing after reading, it’s entertaining and I get to socialise with people”
Hates: “Drinking causes damages – alcohol disturbs the mind and if it is damaged it can never be recovered” 

Kagiso Makwana, 20, came from playing on dusty soccer fields to wanting to be a media muck-racker. Makwana is now in his second year of Journalism Studies at the University of Limpopo but was a popular soccer captain in primary school days. 

“I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was in primary school, I was just enjoying life as a child,” Makwana says. 

In Grade 8 at Mang Le Mang Senior Secondary School, Makwana realised his talent for writing and decided to become an investigative journalist. He was good at Physical Science, Life Science and Pure Maths, but History and English ignited the flame for essay writing and journalism. Makwana’s English teacher, Mr. Mahlese, played a great role in fostering the budding journalist. 

“He spoke in bombastic terms and he was very good,” Makwana fondly recalls. Makwana’s family told him to “do whatever he wants” and offered no obstacle in achieving his dream.  Makwana recognises that the freedom he had when growing up was important for finding his feet as a person. At university, he notes this same freedom leads him to excel. There is a hint of pride when Makwana says, “I don’t drink or party because I want to be the best at journalism”.

However, Makwana’s talent for writing is not the only motivation for wanting to become a journalist. Corruption in the South African government is something Makwana feels strongly about. “I want to expose politicians’ corruption so that these people can stop enriching themselves [at the expense of] poor people,” Makwana says. 

His dislike for corporate fat cats runs deep; just as that for capitalism as an economic system because he says it serves the political elite exclusively. 

“We [South Africans] need to live an equal life,” he laments.

 Text and Pic by Youlendree Appasamy


Moses Moreroa said...

I hope you are ready to work hard as FJP provides such a fraternity to showcase your potential. Once upon a time, I was recruited just like you, and now I am the writer and published for several national newspapers and community media is my playground for editing

Pontsho Godfrey Molahlegi said...

Makwana, this is great buddy. I believe in you and note, Im proud to have a motivator like you.
As one of the prospects, Im proud that you are representing our village so wonderfully da