25 March, 2013

More Than Just A School Project

                                                             FJP 2013        


Name: Loyiso "Loyz" Malgas
Age: 21
Born in: East London
Studies at: Walter Sisulu University
Studying: Diploma in Journalism
Likes: "I like soccer, reading and chilled sessions with my boys."
Hates: Pretentious people

 Text and Pic by Mbali Mzinyane

What may seem as another tedious, long and boring school assignment may be the beginning of a multi-million rand empire. This is what Soulful magazine discovered after interviewing 21-year-old student Loyiso Malgas.

Born and bred in East London, Loyiso has always been fascinated by the media industry. His interest in media led him to study a one-year course in Media Consultancy at Boston College. He then moved on to study a Diploma in Journalism at the Walter Sisulu University. “I want to be the voice of the voiceless and give back to the community,” Loyiso calmly says.

As part of his 1st Year of studies at WSU, Loyiso was asked compile ideas for a magazine for Photo Journalism which is one of his majors. This project entails an original plan and idea about a magazine of the student’s interest which would only be printed and graded at the end of 2nd year. Loyiso’s passion for sports led him to choose an innovative idea about a provincial sports magazine titled “The 411”.

With other successful sports magazines such as Soccer Laduma, and Kick Off, what would make The 411’s magazine concept different? Loyiso believes his magazine concept will be “different from the rest” by being budget-friendly, having diverse and versatile content, and by providing consumer commentary.

Loyiso says The 411 is set to bring more local content but still appeal to readers and audiences of all race groups. His magazine will target sports fanatics aged 18-35, and he will use social media as a marketing tool.

Loyiso believes that this project is a great exercise for a career in print journalism and plans to get a distinction and make this more than just a school project.

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