25 March, 2013

FJP 2013        

Age: 19
Born in: Cape Town, Western Cape
Studies at: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Studying: Journalism
Likes: “I love writing and reading. [My father used to say to me ], ‘Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power’, “I love sneakers [but] I also love heels”
Hates: Snakes!

Text and Pic by Nandi Majola

For Alice Paulse, 19, family is very important and she does not take spending time with them for granted.
“Family is a big thing. My friends always tell me that I am forever having a family braai or supper. My brother is a professional soccer player and because he travels a lot, time spent with him is valuable,” said Paulse.

As the youngest of four children, Paulse makes the most of the perks, with family often using it as an excuse to buy her things. However, she admits that she would like them to let her learn from her own experiences.

The aspiring journalist credits her decision to study journalism to her love for reading and writing which was influenced by her father. “In every book that he bought me, my father would write ‘reading is knowledge and knowledge is power’,” said Paulse. This saying has stuck with her and has led her to believe in the power of the written word which she believes is more powerful than a sword.

The Capetonian’s family-oriented perspective has also given her a heart for people and she would like to use this in her career to give back to the less fortunate. Most people have the perception that journalism has no money, but for Alice, it is not about that but rather a chance to contribute to society.
In 2011, Paulse interned at the Department of Human Settlements in the Communications sector. This enabled her to fulfil her dream of working in a political environment and for Alice, this was an engaging experience.
 Alice is fortunate that her parents support her dreams.
“Some of my friends have supportive parents and others come from broken homes, so I appreciate the importance of having a supportive family.”


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