25 March, 2013

FJP 2013 

Name: Mbali Mzinyane
Age: 21
Born in: Johannesburg; Gauteng
Studies at: University of Johannesburg
Studying: BA degree in Journalism
Likes: “I love visiting blogs (even though I don’t have a blog myself), fashion and the media industry as a hole.”
Hates: “I hate liars, bad breath and foot odour.”
·         Text and Picture by: Loyiso Malgas

Mbali Mzinyane is a 21-year old only child who was born in Johannesburg, and studies at the University of Johannesburg, and has dreamt big all her life.
Initially she wanted to study Bio-chemistry but fell in love with journalism instead. She describes herself as a humble, down-to-earth kind of person. She was raised by her mother all her life and describes that whole experience as tough. She had to work hard and be strong which enabled her to be here today.
After Matric, Mbali took a gap year to try and decide which career path she would like to pursue. The following year enrolled in Bio-chemistry which she later changed to journalism. Her mother was not happy at all.
She is a part-time columnist for UJ Observer, an initiative was started this year by the university. She’d like to see herself working for Elle magazine in the not so distant future.
Mbali is an industrious young woman who is passionate about journalism. She is a well-organised and driven person who is inquisitive and she would really love to see herself in a goal-oriented environment where personal growth is paramount.
I think the industry needs such hard working and passionate people who truly comprehend the whole concept of story-telling.
I also think South Africa needs bright young people who can drive the country to greater heights.


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