25 March, 2013

FJP 2013: Odwa Bafana Mkentane

Picture of Bafana Mkentane

FJP 2013

Name: Bafana Odwa ‘Fisto’ Mkentane
Age: 23
Born in: Ngqeleni, Eastern Cape
Studies at: University of Fort Hare
Studying: Bachelor of Applied Communication Management
Likes : “I like music, drama and socializing”
Hate: “I hate racism, murders and corruption”

Studying media at the University of Fort Hare isn’t just a career choice for Bafana. It’s his passion as he shares with me what he gets up to after hours. 

The 23-year old Bafana sums up his life as being filled with ups and downs unlike his love for rapping and acting which he  developed over the years. He loves being on stage, with his unforgettable moment being performing in front of 50 people in Queenstown. He chocked. 

He confidently assured me that it was the first and last time he chocked. The young hip-hop rapper also acts in local play, and once took a role as an abusive uncle, who was married—and gay. This uncle took custody of a nephew whom he repeatedly raped. 

Bafana said playing a gay child molester was difficult for him. He was mocked and congratulated in equal measure. For me this displayed courage of character. As an aspiring journalist, Bafana recognises and stresses fairness and objectivity especially as someone who has been a part of a crowd and in the spotlight. 

When he is on stage, Bafana feels like a completely different person from his rather normal shy nature. This passion has fueled his dream of being in media. Even though he is not 100% which title will be attached to his name; he is sure in which pool it will be drawn from.
The Nqeleni-born artist says he loves his father, who is also his best friend.
“He understands me better than anyone else in the world.”

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