25 March, 2013

Family first for aspiring journo

FJP: 2013 Nompilo Mncube 
Nompilo Mncube

Age: 20
Born in: Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal
Studies at: Rhodes University, Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape
Studying: B Journalism
Likes: “I like singing, just anything that has to do with music.”

Hates: Messy people or any form of messiness.

Text and picture by Noko Pela

Rhodes University student Nompilo Mncube, 20 believes family support is the reason she is doing so well today, academically and socially.  Mncube is a 2nd Year Journalism & Media Studies student in Grahamstown.  She is good with people, sociable, crazy and a neat freak. She does maintain that there are times she just wants to be alone and have some “me time,” however.

Mncube was born in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, the only girl in a family of three.  Her father died in 2001 after a long illness,  and her mother Maureen Mncube the children (Nompilo, Sibusiso, 25 and Siyabonga, 14) into responsible young adults. 
Maureen, who is a nurse, took over her late husband’s taxi business, and today, Sibusiso assists with its day-to-day running.  Young Siyabonga in Grade 8 is an extrovert who does his bit in the running of the Mncube household. 

“Despite any fights which may occur between my brothers and I, we are very protective, supportive, and my family is more important to me than anything else in the world.”
The Mncubes hope to expand the business to trucks and go national.  Nompilo is an aspiring businesswoman who wants to start her own events coordinating company. She also hopes to branch out into retail selling equipment for events.  

With the family support the Mncubes give one another, Nompilo can surely never fail in her future endeavours, as a strong family orientated and businesswoman.
The sky is surely not the limit for this young woman.

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