25 March, 2013


Youlandree Apassamy is 20. She is from White River; went to White River Primary School and Pernryn College and is now a student of Journalism & Media Studies at Rhodes University. 

Youlandree loves novels and has read Things Fall Apart by the late Chinua Achebe. She studies journalism because she loves to write and she likes to change South African media landscape.

She says her lecturers are excellent especially in radio production. She applied for the FJP because she believes it alters students’ lives. 

“Funny enough,  [the] Oscar Pistorious story which is bad for South Africa,” she complained “now tourists are afraid to visit our country because they think all of Mzansi people are like that.”

According to Youlandree, Pistorius might not be a murder, but someone who made a mistake, which all human beings are capable of making.

A studious person who likes the challenges in the classroom, Youlandree enjoys being at university because it’s good to be away from home. Indeed Rhodes is her home away from home.

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