27 April, 2009

Are you Free or are you Dom...

The 27 April 2009, marks 15 years since the first democratic elections in South Africa. So technically if our democracy was a person, she would be celebrating her fifteenth birthday, having just entered the dreaded stages of puberty. Recognising how immature we all were at that tender age, perhaps we should give props to South Africa, for showing a lot of maturity as indicated by the April 22 elections.

Now moving on from my favourite subject POLITICS, I hope you all have a superb FREEDOM Day. Spend it catching up on school work I would advice, after all the right to quality education was one of the many freedoms which was fought for in years gone by. "Me, myself, personally" (Jeffrey, 2009), much work must yet be done before I'm finally in the groove of this new term.

While I am on the subject of work, kindly log onto www.rhodesmusicradio.co.za and listen live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday MORNING between 7 and 9 to your girl Cee.

Till next time.

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