10 April, 2009

Blogging again...

I can’t believe I’m doing this to myself again. After over three months in rehab, the feeling hasn’t changed. I’m getting excited at the thought of that first taste but I know I shouldn’t. It almost ruined me the last time. Blood-shot eyes, sweaty palms and the coffee stained breathe from restless nights of complete delusion. You wake up in the early hours of the morning and the first thing you do, the first thing you think about, is the last thing you were doing when your head hits the desk. Some days seem the longest, with your teeth clattering, biting your tongue, because you are longing for a fix. “Just give me five minutes dammit, that’s all I need”. Then voices start fighting in your head; one’s telling you, “you need to stop” while the other desperately screams “just do it”.
Then you finally give in. At first, typing in a frenzy because you want them to shut up. Soon it goes quiet and the world starts making sense again. You grab for your cold coffee. It’s going to be a long night but you’ve waited all day to do just this.
So BEWARE, blogging is so addictive.


SimCard said...

I can't believe you just wrote that!
Where's your fun spirit? You know I am kidding. But also a wee concerned about how stretched to be. But make no mistake old, young, friend.
Blogging is the future. If not in the specific form it's in now; then the general ICT revolution. The media as you know it is seismically changing, and there is little you can do to change that.

So go ahead and blog some more.

Lwando-09 said...

yeah i think you're right nandi.....i was also addicted to mxit but i went to rehab too. but blogging.....mhhh....i dont think ill leave it, never!

Nadi-09 said...

damn girl, when they said stat blogging they didnt say abandon you hygene. i dont wanna think what you looked like. pls, advice from me dont go bck. you need to be fresh