10 April, 2009

Fun never lasts long


I have come full circle moment at the Future Journalists Programme. The experience and opportunity to be able to meet new people who share the same goal as yourself is just absolutely amazing to me.

I had never imagined myself attending this programming purely because the guy that went before me was the top student in his 2nd year clas and I on the other hand was one of the top students and other people had better results then myself and to add to the bonus Bongani was picked and he is the most deserving person in my opinion.

When I arrived at Grahmstown I felt like I was in another country because it just doesn't look like the rest of South Africa, it actually looked like we are in Europe. Excitment filled me from every toe to every finger even though it was cold outside. My first interaction with FJP's as we call ourselves was Andile and Lucky who are from the University of Zululand. The next person was the coordinator of the programme whom in their first e-mail came across as a male but is actuall very cute young women, although I must state that she is very short and pietiet and in actual fact I thought she was quite small until I got used to Mo, her is Moagisi Letlhaku.

The next people were Anele and Chwathiya from Rhodes University, oh by the way Anele asked Bongz if we knew Sizwe and you won't believe it, but the world is actually very small cause everyone knows each other in some way. We everyone arrived and waited at the parking lot I got to see some new faces but didn't actually talk to them. The camp while that's for another posts. Guys thanx for a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Bongani-09 said...

That is very true. Looking back where i come from it never cross my mind that I will meet all the people I met through this programme.It was learning experience for me and all the best to the 2009 FJPs and everyone who made this whole project successful.

andile-09 said...

take home what you have learnt here.you surely will need it for when bad days come

Jeff 09 said...

yes amanda. things do happen.if god says yes, i mean no one can stand on your way.

Jeff 09 said...

yes amanda. things do happen.if god says yes, i mean no one can stand on your way.

SimCard said...

I am glad I never joined you guys on the dance floor. I have two left feet. I am glad I never ate with you: while I can eat anything that doesn't breath, wriggle or have hairs, I have quite a few no-nos, and I would be a bad restaurant guest.
But I am glad we were in the Seminar Room together. You gave me energy.
And that can't be a bad thing.