10 April, 2009

how do u tell the whole class that you are not selected

if god says yes then relax and wait for your turn. guys i want to share with you, the discouragement i went through before i got here at future journalists programme. it was friday afternoon i was attending media class @ 15:50. when mr muswede( media lecturer) came to class and he announced that myself and nadi are selected to attend the future journalists programme at rhodes. remember it was thursday and by friday @ 8:00 i was expected to bring my cv to prof mmusi's office. heeee the following day when i went there i found the secretary and she said to me, "i dont no you so i cant fax your stuff(cv)". i didnot have money to go off camp and fax my stuff. so i begged, beggedand begged. finaly she said bring. when i thought that the breakthrough has arrived. she looked at my cv and said, "i dont think they will take you". for my suprise according to what i have read from the paper that was sent to us by the fjp's coorddinators, it said, just supply us with students(2) that you think are more deserving. it was not for her to judge. believe it or not i stayed few days being hurt in my heart, because it was announced in front of everyone in class and yet someone's telling you that i dont think they will take you. mind you every student keeps on saying to you , aah man you realy deserve it. how do you then explain to them(students)?


Ongezwa-09 said...

Oh Jeff! I feel your story. I also felt scared when this whole thing started and I had a lot of doubts. But you have to remember Jeff that believing in yourself is the most importabnt thing.If you do that and work hard then you will be fine. Dont wait for someone to say you deserve something. Believe that you actually do deserve it.

Amanda-09 said...

Ongezwa girl!!!!!!!!!!!! as Moa would say that is the truth. Jeff been there and got everything else including stuff I don't need in my life