10 April, 2009


Some wisdom has just came to me.

In this world there are the people who will forever search for something that will give meaning. Then there are those people who are just passer by's. You then have the Domineering ones that believe that they will some day control the world. Then you have people such as ourselves.

I was not the spirit of goodwill or teamspirit but it was the spirit of UBUNTU and the spirit that even though we are all uniquically made there is something common, something that binds us, something that some many philosophers have explained and will try to explain and no amount of DNA or links or blood line will prove that it is the heart and mind the unites us all into one ball of candy floss.

What i have witnessed here is something spectacular and irreplaceble and NO! not the song but the truth that will forever be memorable even after the years have passed. Now i know it may not make sense i don't even get what im saying im just merely delievering the message that wonderful people are not just made by there backgrounds but the way one chooses to face the worlds challenges.

Take time to reflect because not everyone gets that opportunity.


SimCard said...

Can I suggest that you read through your blog please? Just to catch all the you-know-what's? Then you can re-post. Here's a trick I use: I cut the post and paste it on an MS Word Page. Then I can see all the mistakes in "red". I quickly correct them and I am good to go.
Good luck.

Chwayitisa 09 said...

Lol forget Sim...he is only a CARD after all...gettit!!! hahaha sorry i crack myself up.

that last line was really deep hey and you are absolutely BLESSEd (yes Sim I said BLESSED), to have had this opportunity and i look forward to Fest.

adios muchacha...

Ongezwa-09 said...

Yes girl! I totaly agree with your last line.Taking time out to reflect on life is very important. We get so caught up in life that we forget the important things.