25 April, 2009

X marks the Spot...

I waited four days before I finally did this because I wanted to see what South Africa thought first, before I made my comments. Yes, I am talking about the most fulfilling moment yet in my short life, marking my X on the ballot.

I am barely 20 years old so I had yet to partake in my universal right to have my voice heard. The only truth I knew when I cast my vote, is that my decision was made to protect the values that I believe South Africa still stands for.

We had had so many a heated discussions during the Program based entirely on the then upcoming elections that it was part of the fuel which energized me as I cast my vote. At that moment, I truly believed that a change was dawning on this country, that the vice grip that the ANC has had on the country was finally abating and that I could finally call South Africa a democratic country with a viable opposition party(s). That the ANC garnered 66% of the vote but very importantly, missed the highly contested 2/3 majority, surely reinvigorated the hope and belief I have in this country. The people had spoken.
Granted the ANC won an outright majority, but what I see as encouraging is that there were still millions of South Africans, who put their faith in an opposing party and for that I thank all South Africans.

Democracy is an ongoing process and every society defines the boundaries of democracy differently and I strongly believe that South Africa is slowly on the way to establishing a truly democratic society. My one little vote represented my one screaming voice, but I can see that together, someday our voices will make someone LISTEN. Once again I thank you South Africa for casting your vote and making your voices heard.

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