10 April, 2009

Invitation for Knowledge

I remember telling my mother’s friends that I had been doing journalism at Rhodes- the first thing they said was,’ Haai, uyabonake wena, uyazazi ukuthi uzozenzani!”. They claimed that I knew what I had been doing and that half of the news would be translated by me. It is only when I started the Future Journalists Programme (FJP) that I noticed that my knowledge had to be thrown out or filtered completely so that it could create way for new ideas.
I can clearly remember the look on my colleagues faces when they arrived at the Rhodes journalism department. One of them, Onamandla, looked at me in awe and softly said,’ you guys seriously have it all.” But the truth is that we don’t.

Here at Rhodes University; we have completely taken our academic advantages for granted. We are given books and computers galore but still- we have so much to learn. The good thing about humbling yourself to education is that you open a new page for learning. It is the people who truly and painfully believe that they know everything that stop a generation of smart people from actually moving forward. There is nothing more dangerous or even poisonous than an individual who has closed off all learning. There is no invitation more important than that of knowledge.
It completely threw me off when I was told that this would be easy for me- simply because it was not.

I know for sure that we, as a group and not an individual, are going to be a better generation of media practitioners due to the mere fact that we found ourselves learning the same thing at the same place and time and those are the lessons which will make us stronger- forgetting what we came with.


Lwando-09 said...

i second you my sister....we are all heading the same direction. it doesn't matter where we come from. we may have different backgrounds and different classes, but i've always believed those two things can never stop you from fulfilling your dreams. its all about making use of what you have and utilizing your resources in the right way.

Nadi-09 said...

True indeed, there is no more truth to what you have just said. the only time you invite knowlege is when you thurst for it and it is those who think they have made it in life who realise that where they are at the moment is not where they should be.
If we open our minds and inite knowlege then we will become better people in life and as journalists change the way in which the people think to the true way that they should think.

SimCard said...

It does help that you guys are aware of the advantages that exist in your individual schools. Indeed, the word "advantage" is relative. Compared to someone with no matric, all of us are very lucky to be going to University.
There is a Luganda saying that every time you pray to God for a new pair of shoes, you should remember that there are some people who don't even have feet.
Although my brother (who fancies himself as a comedian) twists this logic by declaring that "let those without feet pray for feet while I who has one pair of shoes ask for a second and third one!"

Jokes aside, it always helps to have some form of advantage.

Jeff 09 said...

sometimes we need to 'try' by all means to stop crying and start to utilise our so called 'little material' believe me there are also best things which that little material can bring.

Colin-09 said...

I reckon it's our various backgrounds and experiences that should unite, not seperate us. Seminars aside, we've all learned so much from each other and so much about ourselves. Fortunately we're a group made up of a bunch of complimentary individuals with a shared vision and determination.

Chwayitisa 09 said...

Amen brothers and sister preach the good Gospel. its so true what you are saying and I think for as long as we all recognise the opportunities that are available to us then not even the Sky is the limit....mcwa I will see you in a week.