10 April, 2009

What destroys/build my community?

I would like to write about the community where I come from, what seems to be destroying and building it. I live in a township called Zwelitsha in King Williams Town.
We have a Head office of the South African Police Service, Department of Education and Home Affairs. All these that I have just mentioned helps to build my community by creating jobs, using the community radio”Izwele2 fm” informing the unemployed first before post are advertised on newspapers.
We as a community benefit largely. In terms of crime, the restructuring of Head offices has played an impact in lowering the crime rate in most of the areas. Previously the Head office of SAPS was in Bhisho. We have a community executive that is progressive and works together with the police. As a community we are always briefed and warned about any particular event that will be taking place in the community, for example “ electricity, water, meetings etc”
What basically destroys my community?
Firstly let me highlight that my community is Xhosa Orientated .Mostly children lack education...They don’t have respect for anyone and I personally think it’s because they don’t go to school. During school hours they go taverns or sheebens, alcohol is sold to everyone, regardless of your age. Unless of course you are about 9, 10,11etc
The billboards that are mostly hanged and grab attention are the ones that destroy our youth. For Example: “ABORTION IS SAFE”. For me it promotes unsafe sex and increase of HIV/Aids. I think we can use those billboards for informative and entertaining projects, i.e. “warning on cholera, how to use water etc”. Everyone just seems to be living for the sake of living, no dreams or goals. I feel that something must be done as I truly believe that our future lies in our hands.


SimCard said...


You've just shown that it's not how fast one gets success, but how much one has of it in the end. You started a bit slow, but you've finished hard.

Your story about Community is touching and measured.

You've touched on the main scourges of most black communities in South Africa.

Here's hoping that things look up with the new government that will be elected on 22 April. I am a cynic though; so I am not holding my breath.

Bongani-09 said...

I am glad that you can see the good side of things because we (people) have this tenderncy of looking at the negative side of things. From whats is destroying your community, I think you have a role to play as a journalism student in terms of informing those who lack information.

andile-09 said...

yes the future is in our hands.so having said that what are you going to do about these problems?you are going to be a successful member of your community one day.will u be like those who go live in cities and forget the problems they experianced while growing or will u go back and help solve them?

Lwando-09 said...
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Amanda-09 said...

One has to realise that out of all the difficulty comes victory and with time your commmunity will find some sort of solace. What you have high-lighted is the same across the continent and the world,so i say look up the bright blue sky, smile and hope for a better tomorrow because when days are dark friends are few and in troubled times hope still prevails.

Jane-09 said...

Now that was deep zuki and I hope you as an aspiring journalist will do your best to represent King Williams in an effort to change that society. not many young minds out there believe in the importance of being educated but you siting in a learning zone reading this message Know so and willing to make a change...Through the power of knowledge

Lwando-09 said...

i couldn't agree less, you are speaking the truth etc...children of today are just lonesome drifters (well, not all of them). i believe there's a solution to every problem encountered etc...all you have to do is to set yourself as an example for the younger ones, be a leader tomorrow and plough back to the community, i believe etc...