22 April, 2009

Voted today!... Yes I did- indeed

Today, I voted for the first time ever- there were no nerves at all until my dad called me and put on his ‘do-this-or-else’ voice, “Anele, make the right choice!”. That’s when he advised me to vote for a certain party in order to get what I want for my country. As the queue shrunk a bit, I thought to myself; what kind of a difference would I be making by voting.

I don’t think many young people know that; although we are tiny little particles- we still make up a dense vote towards our country- so that we can contribute to the maintenance of democracy and human rights. Young people, as educated as we are, do not consider the change which could occur by our vote. There was a guy in front of me who hadn’t registered or had his ID- he said he was not aware that we had to go through ‘all of that’ to vote. My argument is that this kind of lethargic behaviour is exactly what will bring our country to ruins.

When we vote, it’s as though sigcina icala ( doing it for the sake of freeing our conscience) and we don’t understand that disadvantaged people fight for so much more- water, lights, health care. We can still get our birthday BMW’s- because our middle class parents can work for that but somewhere out there- there is a person drinking dirty water.

As young, educated and politically aware people, we should get in line and make the right decisions- not because we feel like it but simply because it’s the right thing to do so that the next young person can get electricity to read a book.


Future Journalists Programme said...

Hey there first timer! Wow Anele, you really nailed it there with the last sentence. And you are right about really thinking about what voting means and what changes it could bring about not just for ourselves, but for the nation at large. For millions of South Africans it's really about that, simply having electricity to do your homework at night. Something many of us take forgranted.

Good on you for going out and making your mark. How about you add a pic of your 'thumbs up!' (see my post below yours). Take a pic of you smiling with your thumbs up.

Nadi-09 said...

let us change the "I" made it to "we" made it. i never thought putting that cross on a ballot paper would get me so excited. well as a first timer like some of us, i have to say that your choice has made a difference whether for or against whatever winning party. hi five, you go girl.

Jeff 09 said...

yes ! your right Anele. i remember somewhere around february, my neighbour she works for legislature at Lebowakgomo. they have to sent her and other stuff members home because they were not sure whether people will still vote that "particular party that she works for" the moment i went to cast my vote i was not only thinking a bout my freedom alone, that made me to realise how important my vote is or about the change that my vote can bring to her, because she has the daughter to take care of.after all voting is a sign of showing how resposible you are about your life and the change in you want to perceivein your country.

Lucky-09 said...

Guys! I did vote for DA ofcourse.it was my first time though and im feeling good about it,Im proudly as a south african cityzen.I hope my vote did make a change not myself but to anyone who is in south africa.Therefore i support your point that you said Anele and you are hundred percent right,your points are always wise and good.