10 April, 2009

The time has come..

I must say I am very sad that we are finally leaving the Future Journalists Programme. I have enjoyed myself to the extent that I even forgot about my own family and friends back at varsity. I so wish the days could be extended, not because I want to stay for the ‘nice’ food we had, but just for the people around me. You know they are such great people who are always funny at all times. We all lived in a peaceful atmosphere; there were no ‘cat’ fights, (only the girls who usually fight anyway, not us guys); we never judged each other, we all listened to each other’s opinions and we all treated each other equally.

Unity was the most important thing we could do. We’ve been through a lot of things, but the most amazing thing we survived was a storm. We all went to the shopping mall at night and by the time we were coming back, the clouds have gathered and it was starting to rain, thundering and lightning. I mean we were so terrified that we were going to be struck by the light and we thought our days of living were over, but eish! we made it back to our rooms safely. Just imagine how drippin’ wet we were!


SimCard said...

Finally! Someone who actually wants to leave.
May the gods of the wheels roll with you.

Nadi-09 said...

that was the best day ever. it had been long since i got soaked and that day i felt like a kid again. having the rain experience really made my week and the fact that you guys were there made it more FUN. i am going to miss you "loo" even if you still dont believe me.

Chwayitisa 09 said...

all for a hamburger..seriously we must be mad out of our boggers. But its memories like that which made this experience so worthwhile. Ima miss having my YOUNG fledging Eagle take control every once in a while when mommy was tired hahahahaha...mcwa c u in June.

Ongezwa-09 said...

Don't remind me about that day Loo. It is one of my worst and favourite days. Lets not even get into the food part because you are the expert in that department.Lol

anele said...

Ya, you people like things too much. Why didn't you just stay at home with me? if this was back in the day, your parents would've smacked you because niyaphapha!

I hope the rain did not ruin anybodies relaxed hair.

Bongani-09 said...

I think we were just putting what Ashely told us into practice (Team Work), but some eagles were flying.About "cat-fights" I think if any of the guyz fought it was going to be the "Bull fight".