22 April, 2009

pictures and comments for elections 2009

Iam Jeffrey Shisinga student at university of Limpopo turfloop campus. I am currently doing second level for a degree in media studies. these are the pictures and comments that I got from the people who were in the poll at university of Limpopofor the 2009 general electins. the first two are phoshoko Donald and japhta Lebese raising their hands , who are the anc party agent. this is what they said ,"currently here at turfloop the elections are going smooth ,we are sure that Anc has already won because we have lobbied many students during our campaign" The second picture is for all parties agents monitoring the polls as you can see they are inside the hall where people are voting. the lady from the right is Mphahlele Meryjane , who is the party agent for cope this is what she said, in history of south African politics cope is growing rapidly , so we are sure that also the results are going to be like that(growing rapidly). The third picture is the masses of students who were still on the Que tho go and vote. amongst them is Caiphus Senona who said that " we do not want manual voting in the future we would prefer the electronic system like SMS and face booking.because people are intimidating us". there was a group of students who were wearing Anc t-shirts standing near the Que where people were queuing .

by Jeffrey Shisinga


Anele-09 said...

Good pictures Jeff!! I can just see you you taking them! It was definately a busy day indeed... but believe it or not, your vote made a big difference!

Future Journalists Programme said...

Now there is a future journo. Great initiative Jeff! Love the pics too. We should have gotten everyone to write an article on their voting experience at their campus. Missed opportunity. But I hope more people will still post something like you, Anele and I have done.

P.S. You might want to re-edit this post for typos. Otherwise it's a great post from a newbie bloggger. Keep it up!