10 April, 2009

The standard of soccer in South Africa!

Is the South African soccer advancing or not in standard compared to its African counterparts?

That is the question on everybody’s lips as we are heading towards the Confederations Cup to be contested for in South Africa. Top teams from around the world will be coming down to our shores to battle it out in what promises to be a great event of football. Not long after that, the mother of all the soccer tournaments, the world cup will also be staged in the Republic of South Africa thanks to the efforts of the Country’s former President Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela and the Local Organising Committee headed by Dr Irvin Khoza and Danny Jordan.

But things do not look as pretty inside the field of play as they are outside of it. The standard has been deteriorating since the Country won its first and only African Championship trophy in 1996. Once ranked top on the African Continent and 17th in the World to a dismal 77th on the world, there is a cause for concern. A drastic plan has to be brought about or else South African football is going down.


SimCard said...

A prediction from someone who does not care to be ridiculed: South Africa will not make the second round of the 2010 World Cup. How's that for a bold one?

What's amazing is that this country has a lot of home-grown talent. Incidentally, that could be the problem. That the cream of SA's footballing talent never sniffs the icy cold airs of the Premier League (Benny and few others excepted). So unlike the Argentines, the Brazilians and Africans (especially those from West Africa), South Africans stay put. There is enough money in the PSL for our players not to run off to Europe where the toughest leagues are.

So, you really don't have to wonder at the dismal status of SA Football.

Just grin and bear it.

Oh, and do pick a team from Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain and Holland. The winner will be from that group!

Bongani-09 said...

I totally agree with you man we are going down. Thanks to our Football Association (SAFA).

Nadi-09 said...

To be honest with you i dont like soccer and especially RSA soccer but i garrantee you that the bafana bafana players will be spectators just like you and I.

Future Journalists Programme said...

Come on mates, have a little faith. We need to release positive energy to the team (yes I believe in energies and cosmic faxes and not coincidence). Has anyone bought their ticket to the Confed or 2010?

Jeff 09 said...

aah masebe. our soccer needs a serious make up. okay let me share with you something man. teko modise he's roll moddel is ronaldo. just i magine putting him with ronaldo on the same field man. do you think he will perform? 0r were you aware that he even wants his nickname to be ronaldo.lol

Anonymous said...

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