13 April, 2012

Africa is being misrepresented in the Western Media

After watching the so called KONI 2012 here at the FJP, I really felt like someone was pouring salty water on an open wound. More often, the western media report Africa as a dark and uncivilized continent that only they can emancipate and illuminate.
From the way I now see it, the American foreign policy is selfish and self-centered, it designed only to serve the country’s best interest. What are we, are we human beings first or we are citizens first? I believe we are human beings first then citizens. Only imaginer lines separate us. It’s not like God created nation by nation and separated them, what he did is he actually created the earth as a single village without boundaries. Now the Americans have lost their humanity and now they resort to citizenship as their most important purpose here on earth.
I fathom that, a few years ago they never wanted to intervene in the so called Koni’s terrorism against his fellow countrymen. The reasons being, that whatever was happening in Uganda was out of their Foreign policy radius.  America’s foreign policy is strict in that the country can only act when the endeavor will benefit the country economically, and if there is a threat against their nation. Uganda did not have either, so America saw no reason to intervene. However, it’s been recently discovered that there is oil in Uganda and suddenly America is sending in troops masquerading as ‘advisors’ while in actual fact they are there to make sure the oil is there. It may also be because that they want to claim the resources of the country on the bases that they assisted in restoring peace to the country.
I am also beginning to question the question of terrorism in America. I think the country intentionally bomb they own structures killing their own citizens and then blame countries like Iran. This give them even more reasons to be in those countries take control and exploit the resources there found. I say this loosely but the point of the matter is if they consider being humans’ first they must take part in helping country where they don’t have any hidden agenda.
To my surprise, the people of Uganda were speaking freely saying Koni has not been in Uganda in the past six or so years. The way the video was done is more commercial than humanistic. The guys are trying to squeeze every little money they can get their hands on especially from the young misguided people in Europe who don’t even know anything about history and Africa to be precise. They base their arguments on what was written years ago and not what is currently on the ground.

 It is now the duty of us, the young and energertic future FJP to change the way Africa as a continent is reported. I believe and would like to see us, the African media taking charge of our continent. We have the power, lets change the course of history

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