13 April, 2012


It's been 18 years since South Africa has attained it's democracy but yet there are practices that are performed by the government by which raises questions about the rights of women in South Africa.

Has the South Africa empowered women to voice out their opinions on issues that affect them?
We went down town to find out what people had to say,Thandiswa Bikistwa of Ellererines said , "The government does not give women a platform to voice out their opinions , many women and children get abused but their voices are not heard."On the contrary  Gira Hattingh ,owner of KwamamGira super save store said that women are not given a platform to voice out their opinions ,"I feel that the empowerment for white and black women is very bad I know and I've witnessed too many foreigners  in this country, the revenue is taken by foreigners , ladies who have hawkers on the street cannot buy with the money they have because Somalians or Pakistani's in every corner , therefore us as women in South Africa have no place.

However, cope spokesperson in Grahamstown , Sfundo Mlinda is adamant that South African women are empowered to voice their opinions , he said ,"South African women are empowered to an extent that the regulatory framework , including the constitution provides so, to participate directly in the democratization of the country , to an extent that it is successful  we may not be in a position to claim that  indeed after seventeen years of democracy women are indeed in the mainstream of democratic  processes in South Africa".

While some people think that women are being given a platform to express themselves , there are those who still think that there's more to be done.

By:Natasha "STICH"  Phiri

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