13 April, 2012

My FJP experience

My first day on FJP was the hardest, as I thought, being shown how to edit audio it made me to almost want to pack my bags and take the first bus out of G-town. As time went on and we were shown how to do audio editing I started enjoying it. All the activities that we did they were all interesting, one that I enjoyed the most is editing, although it was tiring splitting and adding clips.

FJP fulfilled my expectations, because I hoped to learn to learn something new that I had no idea off that is challenging. In order for me to say I have gain more knowledge about media. All the knowledge that I got here is what I am taking with me.

My first time field work is another thing I am taking with me, because it made me have a glimpse of how much people hate journalists. It was truly a journalistic experience that made wonder why people are afraid of expressing themselves. In all FJP made me to have more passion for journalism. 

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