25 April, 2012

Classes on hold

By: Kgowa Tiragalo

It started as a usual school day in the University of Limpopo, Turfloop campus until all classes were disrrupted by a group of the so-called politicians. The group started singing struggle song and charnting from one class to another announcing that all classes were dismissed.

Their concerns was that one of their fellow students was killed. Indeed the student was stabed to death in the early hours of Tuesday. The student was doing his second year in LLB.

The SRC which is in the name of  ANC called for an emergency mass meeting to address the students. The students attended in their numbers. The SRC president asked for suggestions on what can be done to solve the problem of ill treament of the students by the thugs of Mankweng township.

One of the suggestions that was made by one of the students was that more buildings must be erected in order to accomodate all the students that are registered with this university. Another suggestion was that the university must hire buses that collect the students who resides off-campus that will transport them to and from the campus.

On their dispersal the SRC promised that they will convey all the proposals to the management and the students will get the feedback tommorow.

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