12 April, 2012

Being me

I am because of others. Being a Journalist is a great platform to be a human archivist, activist and a human shiled.  I need only a pen and a paper to change the course of events, to speak for others. This I can not do alone without a little push from others. It is with great shame to know that eighteen years into our democracy  there are people who still complain of the same things over and over again: work, skills empowerment. 
They know the government is not listening and has not been listening for a little while.  I want to be among those who help get these voices heard and be able to say; I am because of others.  I pay homage to the kind people of Open Society Foundation who have a big enough heart to help us aspiring Journalists. Journalists are like birds, birds whose feathers are so bright and colourful that they simply have to fly and fly and fly.  i know I am following in the footsteps of giants.

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