12 April, 2012


The saddest thing that one can ever suffer is to lose sense of who you are and where you come from.  African sons and daughters, being fluent in English and eloquent in western etiquette does not make you anymore better than your fellow African who does not possess such. 

Africa is unable to move forward as a continent and as a people simply because we see all that is ours as inferior.  It is time we reclaim pride in all that is African and embrace life without setting western philosophy and ideology as a benchmark for what is considered good.

The struggle for liberation was not fought so that we could in a day of freedom throw away the very thing that so many people died for; liberty of mind, economic emancipation and social and cultural pride.  Let us take Africa back - it is ours!  We need not ask for it from the self appointed custodians of a great nation.

The nation of Africa needs its youth to take its place on the world stage.  We need to take our place on the table that discusses issues that affect us and the people we love (Mother Africa).  We need to take an active participatory role in shaping our own future, instead of having our peers make decisions on us, for us and yet they have never even consulted us as to what it is we want for ourselves.

It is time we stop being spectators in our own lives and futures. The world has changed.  It allows us a voice in determining our own future, which is still not enough because we need to take ownership of what it is we want our future to be and not just be an additional faded voice in the so called democracies of Africa.

Do not mistake this for a political piece, it is just a woman's view of the world she lives in.

I love my Africa.

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Thabo said...

A good piece. food for thought really. Dr Mamphela Ramphele recently at the Dispatch dialouges said "we must not be passive citizens, we must play an active role".