12 April, 2012

Photographic journalism

Photographic journalism is one aspect of journalism that has undeniable power and value. Pictures can convey many ideologies, viewpoints,beliefs and cultural realities. Any text should reflect back to soiciety their values, morals and behaviours ,that is the power that it holds.

On the first day of FJP we were given the opportunity to glance at the different forms of journalistic forms at our dissposal at the back of the writing labs. One particular picture made me take a second glance, it reflected a truth of the South African police. It supplies the viewer with opportunity to critically analyse the topic and whether or not this the reality. A picture can therefore speak one thousand truths.

As journalist in the era that we live in, we have the opportunity to take and create influential pictures.We also have the responsibility to use it honestly and for the greater good.

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