13 April, 2012

The oldest idependent newspeper

When i got in town,i was a bit confussed on how the township newspaper is actualy going to help us. Then i thought for a moment maybe there was something special about it,and yes there was.I never heard of bt maybe it is because we are not very much exposed to these things and I never saw a reason for me to know more about the newspapers,but am rather much into what is said in them and i usually go for one news paper which is The Mecury.The Grocotts mail is one of the oldest idependent newspapers and I crown them for that. In our communities we all need that kind of a newspaper that will actually mean something to us and address the thigs that we face as a the of that munipality.Grocotts mail has been in to this with their heart they have diliverd since from the first day the newspaper was  born,this shows that they've been very faithful in what they do and what they got themselves in to.they hav shown their commitment in delivering to the community and giving them the news that is at its best quality. I was very much inspired by this kind of a newspaper,and has motivated me in believing in myself and actually want to start my own newspeper,as am very much inlove with writting and my love for writting was strongly motivated by Simore,whom i also find to be very much humble guy and one person whom i look up to. Grocotts mail has made people like us who actually want to be future journalist look up there with authority,and believe in making things happen!
Z.N.P Msane

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