13 April, 2012

Change improves Rhodes inter-res sports

The Rhodes University sports representatives from several residents have come up with a new sport strategy that will change the inter-res sporting events for better.

In a meeting held on 16 February 2012, the Head of Sports Administration, Mandla Gagayi, lobbied for the inter-res sports events to be changed into something that is more similar to inter-university, a suggestion supported by the sport reps.

 “The idea is to get as many supporters and participants involved into Rhodes sporting events”, said Gagayi.

The sports administration fully agreed that inter-res events should not only be based on sports, but it should also involve more dissimilar residents competing with each other. “Students should be able to enjoy sports, and experience entertainment that will allow them to participate at the same time,” says Gagayi

Although it was a tough decision to be made by the administrators, Sikelela Qinela sport rep of the Cory House, said that the news system has led to the cancellation of some sports that were played last year.

The sports that were cut off, from the Rhodes sports calendar by the panel of Rhodes sport administrators were regarded as “too white” stated Gagayi. These include sport events such as under water hockey, swimming, pool and mountain hiking. Gagayi stated that they had few participants with a majority of white students, and no one was willing to be in charge of them.

“This year our sport is more focused on soccer, netball, rugby, cricket, hogbacks and tennis, because it contains more participators and supporters,” says Qinela.

 A new game has also been developed by Rhodes soccer, captained by Lwando Sobekwa.                                                                                                                        
“This game is called “futsal,” which is similar to soccer but containing only 5 members from each side,” says Sobekwa. This is specially outlined for inter-reses sport. “The game will allow male and female participants, competing against each other” says Qinela.

Lwando hopes that in future it will assist in improving the number of sport players for Rhodes University, due to the shortage of soccer players. “The purpose is to find real players that will be able to play under pressure for Rhodes soccer team,” says Lwando.




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