13 April, 2012

FJP 2012...My Personal experience of Autumn school.

After twelve-long hours on the bus, we finally arrived to Grahamstown to attend this year's FJP program. We got to Grahamstown and it automatically feels like we are in the north-pole. We got to Phelps, our temporary home and we get a warm welcome from the wardens. We got our kit that we will be needing for the week and then off to bed.

The week had many things in store for us. On our first day we had an great session with Sim. He taught us the basics of journalism and also what makes a good reporter. Later on during the day we met Lincoln and, he introduced podcasting to us. Lincoln then gave us our task that we had to work on for the week. The task was that we have to do a podcast about, "my democracy, my write" which is our theme. We had to come up with a question for our theme that we were going to use to interview people. We ended our first day by watching a documentary- "The glow of white woman"-which I personally did not find interesting.

The following day we were introduced to radio, Lincoln held a seminar where he did his presentation. Lincoln also taught us how to use Adobe 1.5 software, which would help us in editing our audio work. In the afternoon we had a braai, where we officially got to meet the sponsors of FJP. The braai had a very relaxed atmosphere and the food was divine, truly enjoyed myself. After the braai we watched a movie, "the shattered glass" that talks about ethics in journalism. The movie was really interesting and informative.

Day three was more intriguing as we had an introduction to photography. We learnt about taking and editing photographs. After our tea-break we went to Grocotts Mail to meet Steven Lang, the editor of Grocotts. After an interesting session at Grocotts, we went to the streets of Grahamstown to do our interviews for our podcast. After supper we were busy editing our audio interviews and also watched Darfur. Darfur was just too traumatising for me, but was a good movie.

On our fourth day, we started our day by having an introduction to new media. We watched the KONY 2012 which was informative and interesting. The rest of day, we spent on editing our podcasts and I got to attend my cousin's graduation. Later on, back at Phelps, we were having a crazy chilling session as some the FJP's will be leaving on day five.

Last day,we started our day by listening to everyone's podcasts. Some podcasts were really good, but can't say much about mine...Sim then gave us feedback on our podcasts and then we had our tea-break. After the tea-break, we went on a tour of the AMM (journalism) building, which was very informative. Our last activity for the day was to write a 300 word profile-piece on our partners that we worked with on our podacast.

Autumn school 2012 was a great learning experience and I had plenty fun...

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