13 April, 2012

If misery loves company, I'd rather be alone!

Why is it that as human beings we are unable to believe in joy, yet yearn for it so much?  When misery comes our way, we embrace it and cling on to it for dear life, we create monuments and inhabit dark rooms in the name of sadness, we engrave our hearts with symbols of pain and disappointment and constantly relive the moments in our lives when times were hardest. 

When happiness touches us, we tremble at the thought of it; we identify the happiness as compensation for bad times and instead of reveling in the moment we hold our breaths waiting for the day it will be tragically snatched away and our lives will go back to the ‘miserable norm’ we identify living with.  “All good things come to an end”, why isn’t it “all bad things come to an end”? Why don’t we celebrate our blessings and keep our faith in our destiny to be blissfully happy? 

I don’t believe that life is perfect, but I do believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, the bad times should be identified as lessons and their ending should be hastened by our faith in the good times to come. The feeling I get from pure joy surpasses any misery that can come my way, it is my trust in that joy, and those that bring me joy that keeps me going.  I am blessed with happiness and the ability to bring happiness to others and I accept that blessing with sincere gratitude and a huge smile on my face (",).

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