15 April, 2012

Higher learning institutions have turned into a battle field

police open fire to curb the unrest at University of Fort Hare- August 2011
In the past few months a lot of mass demostrations by students in various institutions has been the order of the day. The students feel not enough has been done for them to justify the large sums of money they are  paying to get education.

Historical disadvantaged institutioons such as University of Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu University has been grabing the headlines and if nothing is done in the near future such trends are set to continue and the country is set to witness these ugly scenes.

The major petitions raised by  most students is their concern with the detoriating state of education in most institutions of higher learning.

Academic exclusions, increament of fees, poor living conditions, poor management of human resources and and the way the National Student Financial Aid Scheme ( NSFAS)  has been administered have left a lot to be desired  has been amomg the other reasons.

The government and the Ministry of Higher Education seems to have done little in the past to improve the situation.

Students feel it is within their right to  have a free access to education which is a contray to their expectations.

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